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How the single date turned into a double date

double date

This story starts from Tinder, where – one evening, a few months back I matched with this girl
named Esha (name changed to uphold privacy). We started talking and got so engrossed that we lost
track of time. Seeing mutual interest, I asked her for her digits & we started conversing on whatsapp.

We were having a nice conversation and then she instantly asked me the tie-breaker question, “Are
You a Virgin?”

I am a man of emotions & in need of consistency and it might come to you as a shock considering my
age in parallelism with this generation, but yes, I am a virgin.

And so, I told her. Also viewing my thoughts about how i plan to move forward with intimacy with
the girl I would love and who I haven’t yet found. She didn’t respond for a minute after I broke the
news. Then she said she found it hard to believe because I am 21 years old. Furthermore, she told
me about her past relationship and how she lost her virginity to her an ex boyfriend, years back.

Then she suddenly asked me if I was interested for a night stand with her.

I was shocked as this was my 1st time and so, I refused, because it was beyond my comfort level. I
hadn’t met her, I knew not a thing about her and it just didn’t feel right.

She got furious and started avoiding me. I could sense a difference and so i took a step back as well.
After a week, i contacted her again and to my disbelief – she talked like nothing happened at all!

That was not all!

One afternoon, I was at my friends flat. We were bored and so, I thought I should call her over. I
texted her asking of her whereabouts and she told me she was in college.

Her college was located near my friend’s apartment and so I invited her over.

She told me that her friend will also accompany her and I told her it’s alright.

I wanted a single date with that girl but it turned up as double date. How?

She came with her friend and once we all sat down together, it was initially awkward but when my
friend broke the ice – things started to go at ease.

After few hours we were so frank that both of the girls were sitting too close to us.

As it was my first time and I was lucky and got a change of double make out.

And so, my friend and I made out with both the girls, one after another.

This was my first and the best experience a rather unusual but sexy date. Some things sure happen
for a reason! 😉

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