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what happens to your body when you don’t have sex for weeks

what happens to your body if you don't have sex


The struggle is real. It happens to all of us. There are many reasons why you haven’t been sexually active recently, and that’s ok. Maybe you are single and thought of a one night stand doesn’t interest you, or you’re practicing abstinence.

You might be in relationship, but have been so overly exhausted from everyday life, you just haven’t gotten the time to check it your to-do list.

Whatever the reason maybe, you might tell yourself you don’t miss it or need it, but your body certainly does. Scientific research proves that your body experience significant changes one you are not having any sexual relations for weeks you would have thought, sex is good for you.

1) Your stress level increases

Sex is a stress reliever, According to a Scottish study, people who have sex on a regular basis tend to be more easy going and less stressed in day to day life. Your body releases endorphins during sex that are natural mood boosters and stress relievers that explains why you feel relaxed after the act.

2) There is high of risk getting a cold or stomach Flu

Sex boost immunity, endorphins released during sex have been found to stimulate immune system cell that fight disease. Researchers have found higher levels of immunoglobulin in individuals how have regular sex. Immunoglobulin is a type of antibodies that protects us from various infections.
It is normally found in high level in mucous membranes of the digestive and respiratory tracts.

3) You just want happiness frequently

Yes there is something you can look forward to, According to the New York Times 80% of UTIs (Urinary Track Infection) occur within 24 hours of intercourse.

4) Your relationship with your partner won’t be working as well

if you’re single, This doesn’t apply to you. But if you’re in a relationship not having sex for over weeks, especially if you’re in the same bed as your partner might worry her. Of course life happens and sometimes you’re too busy to get down and dirty, but it is definitely every couple needs to take time for. It is said that intimacy builds the strongest connection with your partner.

5) As a woman, you’ll feel more depressed

According to study done by the Archives of sexual behaviour, women fall into a state of depression when not having sexual intercourse for long periods time. Studies have found that semen actually contains mood-altering hormones that can help reduce depression, oestrogen, testosterone, and several other.

6) You gain weight

One hours sex burns 360 calories. Yes you have right. I don’t have to tell you that any type of sexual relation increases your heart rate hence burning calories. kissing for one hour burns 68 calories, oral sex 100 calories and the actual act from 150-360 calories per hour. if you consider that the average couple has sex 4 times a week, you’re not saying no to sex, you’re saying no to burning 1,200 calories a week.

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