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Things to keep in mind while dating a younger partner


When it comes to falling in love with someone, age is just a number. If you’ve found someone for yourself, being born a few years apart is not a big deal. It’s common knowledge in our society that many women’s prefer dating younger men, and that many men’ prefer dating older women. But what are the realities you are facing while you are dating someone younger or elder than you?

These are the things that you have to keep in mind if you are dating a younger men or a women.


1. Don’t be a Parent, Be a Partner


Parenting your partner will do no good to your relationship rather will make it worse. It’s fine we understand you are way more older than your partner but go slow on the parenting role and be more of a partner. This would strong your relationship and your partner will see you as a person they can be much freer with.


2. Society won’t approve your relationship


Such relationships are discussed in low voice in our society. It is 21st century  but people still see this kind of relationships as kooky. Even family members and close friends may not approve if someone close to them is in this kind of a relationship, But since you have chosen your partner, you should raise your head high, deal with the critics and protect your relationship.


3. The Elder one would be the Financier


In most of the cases if you are elder in a relationship then you will be one who will be paying all the bills. There is a obvious reasons if you are elder then you are more stable than your partner. Of course you have had more time to find your feet and they are probably just starting out. So don’t be silent when you end up being the financier. You asked for it, you are getting it.


4. You won’t get Commitments


In reality, when it comes to commitment for marriage, most men are a few years behind women. So it is important to keep in mind when you date a person who is younger than you.

Nisha, who eventually ended up marrying someone who was younger than her age, found that the biggest issue stemmed from him, That he was not being as mentally ready for commitment. “It took him a while to even say he was in a committed relationship,” Men who are older that you tends to be more ready to take those steps toward commitment sooner.


5. Elder one have to be very patient



The elder person will definitely see things from different perspectives. Your young partner is probably not as mature as you are and therefore, for them it would be a learning process. You have to be patient with them and understand that they are still have work in progress.

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