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What to do if the girl you love has a Boyfriend.

girl you love has a Boyfriend.

What to do if the girl you love has a Boyfriend.


If she has a boyfriend but she felt the same way as you do, she’d breakup with her boyfriend and be with you. Unless, If she has no idea how you feel about her, So find a way to convey your feelings to her and step back so she can make a decision.


If she is happy, and if you truly love her, you should let her be!

In this case that girl fall in love with you is very minimum. So don’t be sad and do the following thing to get her out from you mind.


1 Look for another Girl

Look for another Girl

Best thing to get over that girl is to look for another one.

Some has said it right, “Lakidi bus ki tarha hoti hai ek jaati hai to doosri aati hai”


2 Join a Gym

Before breakup and After Breakup- Thedatestory
Before breakup and After Breakup

Gym is the best stress buster at the time when you have a broken heart. So go man join the Gym and make that girl regret.


3 Start Earning

Start Earning

Studies have shown the best motivation for any human is MONEY.

Bro start earning, Start Blogging, make youtube videos, do affiliate marketing etc. There are many ways you can earn sitting at home.


4 Download Tinder

she has a boyfriend, girl you love has Boyfriend
Download Tinder

There are many people who have different prospective about tinder. Some think girls on tinder are only for hookups, or girls on tinder are only Gold diggers.

But it’s not fully true, yes there are girls who are on tinder for hookups or Gold digger but not all of them are same. You can download tinder and find your idol partner also.


5 Create an Abundance Mentality

Create an Abundance Mentality

You can’t let that girl bring you down and prevent you from moving forward to the next girl. Always keep the abundance mindset in your thoughts as it will help you to get your dream girl.


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